"Made in Japan",
a symbol of high quality
and safety.

Firstly, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude for your continuing support to J&C.

J&C was founded in 2003 as a trading company in Toyohashi, Aichi, located in central Japan. Since the beginning, we have been supplying Japanese foods which are highly demanded in Asia, North America and other countries around the world. These foods are high quality "safety, protection and health" products.

In response to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Initiative, we import food containers and packaging materials made from eco-friendly materials. In our current living and business environment, survival, growth and progress is required not just for the strong but for any living organism that is able to adapt and change. J&C aims to be a company that is flexible and able to react sensitively to current market trends. Our business format as a trading company is to handle multiple products when such needs are recognized.

Within Japan, as the population declines, so does domestic consumption. To maintain and increase productivity, J&C is expanding with our overseas partners. We are buying and selling products with start-up companies, striving for growth and to develop each other's businesses.

Whilst our mainstay product are foods and snacks, during the COVID pandemic we have developed and imported affordable masks to Japan and to overseas countries, these high quality masks have now become an important mainstay.

Shigeyuki Ochi, CEO


  • Company NameJ&C Corporation
  • LocationBusiness Headquorters
    53-1 Segami, Shimoji-cho, Toyohashi, Aichi, 440-0084, Japan
  • EstablishmentNovember 13th, 2003
  • Capital10 million Yen
  • Employees56
  • CEOShigeyuki Ochi
  • Our Business1. Import (Incl. OEM products)
    2. Export (Snacks, Food, Beverages, Seasonings, Alcohols, Daily Commodities, Cosmetics and Ice cream)
    3. Supporting local government organization, local enterprises for overseas exhibitions.
  • Main ClientsHong Kong, Taiwan, China, Korea, USA, Canada, Thailand, Singapore,
    Malaysia, Indonesia, Macau, Australia, Philippines, Vietnam,
    Netherlands, Spain, etc. (in no particular order)
  • Main SuppliersMore than 400 Suppliers (as of October 2023)
    Kato Sangyo Co., Ltd., Mitsui Foods Co., Ltd.,
    Dolce Co., Ltd., Nagai Nori Co., Ltd.,
    Pasco Shikishima Corporation, Yuraku Seika Co., Ltd.,
    Fujiya Co., Ltd., Natori Co., Ltd., Ribbon Co., Ltd.,
    Nobel Confectionery Co., Ltd., Marukin Co., Ltd.,
    Coca-Cola East Japan Co., Ltd., Sanritsu Seika Co., Ltd.,
    Yamamoto Seifun Co., Ltd., Marusan Shokuhin Co., Ltd.,
    Marutama Suisan Co., Ltd., Hirano Seika Co., Ltd.
  • Main BanksThe Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Mizuho Bank Ltd.,

    The Bank of Nagoya,Toyohashi Shinkin Bank,
    Gamagori Shinkin Bank,
    Toyhohashi Commerce and Industry Credit Union


  • 2003.11Founded in Kaminowa-cho, Toyohashi, AIchi, Japan.
  • 2005.4Began importing automotive parts from China.
  • 2005.7Began importing OPP film for printing.
  • 2006.7Began importing food from Thailand (Surimi for use in Chikuwa).
  • 2006.8Began importing daily commodities from Taiwan.
  • 2006.8Began exporting confectionery to Hong Kong.
  • 2006.10Began importing hardware to Japan
    for housing construction(Major housing maker).
  • 2006.12Head Office completed and moved to
    Nishikoike-cho in Toyohashi, Aichi.
  • 2008.10Began exporting foods to Shanghai,
    China (Shanghai Hisamitsu department store).
  • 2009.4Began exporting confectionery,
    foods and frozen products to Toronto, Canada (Fengtai Group).
  • 2009.11Began exporting food to Taiwan.
  • 2009.12Began exporting confectioneries and foods to Singapore.
  • 2010.5Began exporting food to Beijing,
    China (Beijing department store).
  • 2011.9Established Tokyo branch office.
  • 2013.6Began exporting confectioneries and foods to Malaysia.
  • 2014.9Began exporting confectioneries and foods to Vietnam
    and Cambodia.
  • 2015.8Established Business Headquarters in Shijomi-cho,Toyohashi, Aichi.
  • 2016.8Established Hong Kong branch office :
    J&C Trade Development Co., Ltd.
  • 2016.10J&C Trade Development Co., Ltd.
  • 2017.6Established T & W Co., Ltd.
  • 2019.9Investment in Prod Co., Ltd.
  • 2022.9Yatomi Distribution Center opened
    in Yatomi, Aichi, Japan



[Domestic]T&W Co., Ltd (Aichi)
Proad Co., Ltd (Hokkaido)

[Overseas]J&C Trade Development CO., Ltd
(Hong Kong, China)J&C (FUJIAN)
Trading Corporation (Fujian, China)

Ti Yih Jia Group was started by Mr. Sam Goi as a factory making spring rolls. It has grown to be the world's leading producer of spring roll pastry with 70% market. The group also sells a variety of frozen foods.

  • ●Fengtai Group (Canada, Toronto)
  • ○Food Supermarket
  • ○Employees : 600
  • ○Profits : 1500 million yen

Fengtai Group was founded by Mr. Wei Cheng Yi and is the largest Chinese supermarket chain in Toronto, Canada. The group currently has 3 shopping centers, 10 stores and its own distribution center in Toronto. Their sales channels extend to the major cities in Canada. Each commercial facility covers 40,000 square feet and features a wide range of foods, beverages and seasonings from the Asia region.

  • ●Nanhaiyuanye Food Co., Ltd.
  • ○Manufacturing Snacks, Imports and Sale
  • ○Employees: 150 people
  • ○Profits: ¥200 million

Nanhaiyuanye Food Co.,Ltd was established by Mr. Wei Cheng Hui in Hong Kong, with a food factory subsidiary in Guangdong Province.Their main products are rice cakes, seasoned pasta, and sugar-free foods. Besides also manufacturing more than 100 varieties of food products,popular food products from Japan,Korea and Thailand are also imported.


【Partnership】J&C works with afiliated companies in Japan and overseas, establishing sales, supply, and outsourcing systems, to meet the different needs of our customers.

J&C contributes to our communities by volunteering, donating, and exhibiting products abroad with the local government.

【Sales Products】J&C researches and develops products from Japan and overseas with global environmental CO2 reduction value SDG, bring them into the market.

SDGs 1
SDGs 2
SDGs 3
SDGs 4
SDGs 5
SDGs 6
SDGs 7
SDGs 8
SDGs 9
SDGs 10
SDGs 11
SDGs 12
SDGs 13
SDGs 14
SDGs 15
SDGs 16
SDGs 17
【J&C’s SDGs Initiatives】
Efforts to Reduction of
CO2 emissions
○LED illumination
○LED road warning light
Efforts to
○Paper straws ○Paper cups
○Bamboo flower baskets


The Singapore Exhibition booth also
called the International Showroom.

Vietnam Exhibition booth

Business meeting at Canadian
Supermarket Chain Headquarters

Vietnam Exhibition booth

Singapore Consumer Business meeting

A Hong Kong retail store
with a delicated section
"Toyohashi Corner".


J&C holds exhibitions overseas in coordination with the local government.
Annually, we donate a portion of our profits, and at J&C's headquarters in
Toyohashi City, samples of sweets, snacks and food are also given.


Business Headquorters

53-1 Segami,Shimoji-cho,Toyohashi,Aichi,



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