Import Business

Business details

The Import Department is mainly responsible for material management, product engineering management, product quality management and the formulation and execution of business proposals to domestic companies. We import toys, everyday goods, food materials, LED products, and motorbikes and outboard engine components from China, Thailand, Singapore and South-East Asia. We are also developing various other import lines, such as fish paste product, materials for housing construction, gardening tools, LEDs and printing film.


Performance and Business Credibility (J&C`s strengths)

Through our network of our business partners and family connections, we are able to provide the latest information about updated overseas selling status and the products to our suppliers and customers. Furthermore, because we have well-established communication and distribution channels with overseas manufacturers, we enjoy considerable advantages in costs and the production information.

It is our goal to satisfy and provide the best service to our customers. To do this, J&C keeps track of the latest information about production and delivery. This enable us to ensure that all stages in the transmission of products from the manufacturer to the customer are well handled to minimize the likelihood of any sudden occurring problems; as well as to be able to react swiftly and effectively should any situation arise unexpectedly.

Automobile and motorcycle components

To reduce the costs for Japanese domestic customers, we co-operate with selected factories in China to provide cost-effective components for automobile and engine oil pipes, and outboard engines. Furthermore, with our long term business partnership and more than 10 years’ experience, we are able to import some components which are very popular with our customers, but which they find hard to obtain from their suppliers. Our customers for these components are mainly well-known motorcycle and car manufacturing companies.

LED lights

LED lights are now a popular feature in everyday life. They commonly seen in our streets, train stations and shopping districts. And they make such environments both better illuminated and more attractive.

The decorative LEDs we import from China for the Christmas season feature the latest technology.

We adhere to all the regulations, and provide comprehensive production data from initial manufacturing process in China through to importation into Japan and subsequent retail distribution; all of which is forwarded to the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. We make sure we provide our customers not only with the best quality products, in terms of the desired appearance and intended performance/usage, but also with the best price.

Decorative lights for Christmas

LED lights

・LEDs for general use

・LED plant lights

LED lights for specific events/purposes, such as concerts

Gardening products

J&C import a variety of gardening products, such as gardening tools, accessories and flower pots; pot designs ranging from simple to intricate detail; materials ranging from paper to bamboo and basketry.

We also have more than 10 years’ experience in the importation of a wide range of accessories and flower pots for Mother`s Day in Japan.

Products comprising a variety of materials

We also provide other products, all of which meet domestic regulations, such as furniture, metallic material, architectural hardware, print file and housing materials. These products all provide high quality at a lower price.



Through our family network, we import shrimp rolls from Tee Yih Jia group, Singapore. Additionally, we import from Thailand to Toyohashi, Japan, the raw material for Chikuwa, a famous Toyohashi food.

Daily goods

Importation and exportation of stationery, toys, tools for sports use, gifts.