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2003. 11 Founded in Kaminowa-cho, Toyhashi, Aich, Japan
2005. 4 Began importing automotive parts from China
2005. 7 Began importing OPP film for printing
2006. 7 Began importing foods from Thailand (Surimi for use in Chikuwa)
2006. 8 Began importing daily goods from Taiwan
Began exporting confectionery to Hong Kong
2006. 10 Began importing hardware to Japan for housing construction(Major housing maker)
Participated in the Toyohashi City 100th year anniversary, LED illumination event (Hamamatsu, Tokyo Dome and others).
2006. 12 Head Office completed and moved to Nishikoike-cho in Toyohashi
2008. 10 Began exporting foods to Shanghai, China
2009. 4 Began exporting confectionery, food stuffs and frozen products to Toronto, Canada(Fengtai Group)
2009. 11 Began exporting foods to Taiwan
2009. 12 Began exporting confectioneries and foods to Singapore
2010. 5 Began exporting foods to Beijin, China
2011. 9 Tokyo branch office established
2013. 6 Began exporting confectioneries and foods to Malaysia
2014. 9 Began exporting confectioneries, foods to Vietnam and Cambodia
2015. 1 Began exporting daily goods to Hong Kong
2015. 8 Established Business Headquarters
2016. 8 Established Hong Kong branch office: J&C Trade development Co., Ltd.
2016.10 Established Fujian (China) branch office: J&C (FUJIAN) Trading Corporation
2017. 6 Established T&W Co., Ltd.
2019. 9 Investment in Proad Co., Ltd.
(Business HQ)
Business HQ