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Network of family business

Tee YIh Jia Group (Singapore)
Food processing plants
Employee number:12,000 persons
Sales: 3 trillion Yen

Website: http://www.teeyihjia.com.sg/

Mr. Samgoi (Wei Chen Hui ), cousin of the CEO of J & C Corporation, started his business producing skins for spring roll. It has since grown into a major company in Singapore; and is currently the world leader in the production of skins for spring rolls. The business has also expanded into the production of a range of frozen foods. Mr. Samgoi is one of Singapore’s most successful and richest men, and in 2016 was featured in an NHK TV program on successful entrepreneurs in Singapore. (“Exploring Bakumon Special the World’s Most Attractive Singapore”.)

第一家食品グループ 第一家食品グループ

Foody Mart
Employee number: 600 persons
Sales: 15 billion Yen

Website: http://foodymart.com/

Mr. Wei Chen Yi, cousin of the CEO of J & C Corporation, has set up a large supermarket company in Toronto, Canada. There are 10 stores in the center of Toronto City, and another 3 stores in shopping malls. The company has own its logistics center; and distribution channels continue to expand to other large cities in Canada. Commercial facilities occupy an area of 40,000 square meters; and it is characterized by its abundance of fine foods, beverages and seasonings from  Asia.



Country Wide Food Limited Co, Ltd.(Guangdong Province, China)
Confectionery manufacturer and food importation
Employee number: 150 persons
Sales: 2 billion Yen

Website: http://nanhaiyuanye.spdl.com/

Mr. Wei Chen Hwang is the elder brother of the CEO of J & C Corporation. Country Wide Food Limited Company is established in Hong Kong with its subsidiary food factory, Nan Hai Country Wide Food Limited Company, established in Guangdong Province, China.

Country Wide Food limited Company sells more than 100 kinds of products, including rice crackers, seasoned seaweed, and non-sugar foods. Country Wide Food Limited Co. is not only a food manufacturer, but also imports popular foods and biscuits from Japan, Korea and Thailand into HK and China.

南海原野食品有限公司 南海原野食品有限公司

Business Network

■T&W Co., Ltd.(Aichi prefecture)
■Proad Co., Ltd.(Hokkaido)
■J&C Trade development Co., Ltd.(China・HK)
■J&C (FUJIAN) Trading Corporation(China・Fujian)Established in 2016 to expand our business to Hong Kong And China